Women's Rugby Global Survey

November 8, 2020, 11:07 am

Women's rugby is growing at a rapid rate globally. There were over 2.7m participants recorded in 2018 with numbers rising by 28% per year. Did you know that women are more than twice as likely to report concussive symptoms in sports than men and take longer to recover? Sex hormones may also influence the recovery capacity of the brain in female athletes. The development of injury prevention strategies in rugby union is progressing, but these are predominantly focused on male players.

Female-specific data is urgently required to develop injury prevention and training methods to improve safety for women rugby players. So, we invite ALL adult (over 18) women rugby players and coaches of women rugby players at ALL levels from around the world to complete this survey.

If you are a player or coach of women's rugby union, or have been in the past ten years, please take a survey. Choose from survey in the language of your choice, from the list below:

Author Information

Dr Liz Williams

Biomechanics, Forensics


Dr Liz Williams

Liz helps elite rugby manage head impacts to prevent long term brain injury & educating the future of Welsh movement science in applied biomechanics, stats and various other things. Empowering people through knowledge and skills development, future-proofing our graduates.