At the University of Liverpool I lead the VISION group. My team and I evaluate visual impairment in acquired brain injury and neurological conditions, exploring and developing outcome measures in orthoptics, and seek to explore the complexity of co-existent visual and functional impairments.

Together we undertake mixed methods research (evidence synthesis, quantitative statistics, qualitative analysis) to evaluate visual impairment following brain injury such as stroke, pituitary lesions, idiopathic intracranial hypertension and brain trauma in a range of settings and explore diagnostic accuracy and patient-reported or clinician-focused outcome measures.

In particular we focus on:

  • Screening for visual impairment in at risk populations
  • Choice and accuracy of diagnostic techniques
  • Visual rehabilitation
  • Impact of visual impairment to daily life
  • Care and service provision
  • Health inequalities and unmet needs

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Author Information

Prof Fiona Rowe

Visual impairment, visual field evaluation

Prof Fiona Rowe

Fiona is Professor of Orthoptics at the University of Liverpool and lead for the VISION research group. Her particular research interests include visual impairment due to brain injury, visual field evaluation and control of ocular alignment.